3 reasons why you should read Nanberry

This novel is a captivating story inspiring who reads it . I believe Nanberry is fabulous because the style , how it educates and the characters.
To begin with you should read Nanberry because of the Authors style. The way it is set up, it keeps you going, putting the interesting bits at the end of chapters. Forcing your brain to imagine a vivid image bringing fantastic ideas to create and design your own book. For e.g chapter 1, 56, and so on.
Big picture
The most formal reason to read Nanberry is how Nanberry educates you. The book gives true events and stories. It sets the colonization of Australia and the affects. To the fabulous facts and explaining how every thing works and why it all happened.
You should definitely read Nanberry for the amazing characters, each and every character has a interesting story line leading to a series of events. It tells the story of the important leaders in the colony [for example on p.g 15,19,114].
In conclusion you must read Nanberry because of the authors style, how it educates you and the dazzling characters.