New York Having To Much Pollution

How Can we Stop Pollution?

This is the New York polluted

How New York not so Polluted

Stop polluting And Start Recycling!

If humans keep polluting New York, New York will not look as it looked, It will be very foggy, dirty, low supplied and humans will not be able to live on there or will be comfortable.

Possible Solutions to end pollution in New York are...

  1. Using a hybrid car is a car that uses electricity to power a car and does not use up gas.
  2. Using a bike in New York in the summer or in warm weather to go to work or school.
  3. Walking to stores and close places or school.

Things that can end pollution

Guaranteed to end pollution

How it works!

It helps by riding a bike be less lazy and boring,Hybrid car stop using a lot of gas and money for it,Walking healthy way to stay active and not use vehicles.

!!!Together as a team we can fight pollution!!!