Get to Know Frankenstein

By Bailey Ernst

Key Facts

Author- Mary Shelley

First Published- January 1, 1818

Setting (Time)- Eighteenth Century

Setting (Place)- Geneva, The Swiss Alps, Ingolstadt, England and Scotland, The Northern Ice

Background information a glance at Frankenstien

In the exciting book of Frankenstein a doctor named Victor Frankenstein tells his stories to captain Walton. Victor tells his jaw dropping stories and experiences of a mysterious creature he creates. Victor does an act of god and creates the creature. In an effort to make something that will be better for humankind. Will this act of God from Victor be glorious or will it back fire and tear Victor apart. Only the creature will know the outcome. Through the way of life how will everything pan out and happen to Victor.

Character Description

Important ideas you should think about and take away from Frankenstein

  1. Loneliness can lead you down unhealthy paths
  2. Appearances can be deceiving
  3. Unchecked passion can be dangerous
  4. When you don't take accept your responsibility, your mistakes can take on a life of your own.
  5. Good Vs. Evil

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