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Inspiring the Adventure of Learning * November 6, 2019

Yosemite Valley and Monarch River Charter Schools

Fall is in the air! November is well on its way, and we hope your family is taking some time to enjoy the changing seasons and to reflect on the things your family has to be thankful for.

The school will be closed on the following holidays:

November 11th- Veteran's Day

November 25-29 - Thanksgiving Week

1st Annual Multicultural Arts Fair

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4-H is an Inspire Vendor

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Math Olympiads

"A pile of coins sits on a table. Sara takes half of the coins plus 4 more. Then Nick takes 2. Then Joe takes 2 more than half of what is left. Finally, Selena takes 5. Four coins remain on the table. How many coins were on the table to start with?"

“From a pile of coins containing nickels (N), dimes (D), and quarters (Q), Tom picked 10 coins with a total value of $1.00. The 10 coins had a different number of each of the three types and at least 1 coin of each type. How many coins of each type did he pick?”

Are any of your children advanced in math? Would they love to answer these types of questions? Are they in the 4th through 8th grade? If you answered yes, please consider signing them up for Math Olympiads.

Inspire will have Math Olympiads teams and be competing in competitions for the second year in a row. Stacey Munro and Barbara Bolanos will be coaching the two teams (grades 4-6 and grades 7-8). There will be a total of 10 meetings this year (5 practices and 5 competitions). Competitions are held monthly November - March and are administered by the teachers in charge in one location on a specified date. Students compete as individuals, and their results are then shared with the Math Olympiads organization. Individual and team awards are awarded each year in the spring.

Our first practice is on Friday, November 1. Here’s a flyer that contains information about how to learn more and get involved.

Interested families must register on Inspiration Station. Email Barbara at barbarab@inspireschools.org with questions.

Inspire Impact Day - November 13

Inspire Community Connections throughout the state, will provide opportunities to volunteer on November 13th in a collaborative mission to clean, beautify, and love local communities.

Inspire IMPACT

Fresno, Clovis, and Kingsburg - Woodward Park - Art of Life, clean up and nature crafts

Merced - Rahilly Park -Park and Bike Path Clean- up and Nature Crafts

Oakhurst - clean up, location TBD

Monterey- clean up & nature crafts, kindness rocks

Did you know that outside of the CC Newsletters and the Inspiration Station, that you can see what events are upcoming in your area? They are added to the home page calendar of our Parent Resource Site with a running list of area events linked below the calendar.
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Community Connections

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Hip Hip Hooray! We are having a blast at our Community Connections events! October brought us a lot of opportunities to connect at pumpkin patches, celebrate Red Ribbon Week, a Bat Lady, gold panning and a railroad trip through the mountains, along with so many other events!

Please join us for amazing options this November! You can find all local newsletters on our Community Connections - Central Parent Resource Site. On our newsletters there are links to the events you want to register for. It is so important to register for events that you want to attend, as well as respect your RSVP’s. If you need to cancel, please do so by letting the host know or canceling on Inspiration Station. If you are looking for ways to connect with us on Inspiration Station, it is so important to use the search feature to find what you are looking for. Can you believe that you can just put a CC’s last name in the search box and find all of the events that a person is hosting? It is fun to see some CC’s every week! If you have any suggestions for FUN, let Michelene Fitzgerald know at michelene@inspireschools.org. Hope to see you soon!

Lending Library

Hi wonderful families! The Lending Library is open again daily from 9 am-3 pm. Come by and visit! We can not wait for you all to see our new space!

We are in the same building, but now in Suite 103.

Thank you so much!

Jill and Debbie

High School

Application Deadlines

The application window for California State Universities is Oct 1st - Nov 30th

The application window for University of California schools Nov 1st - Nov 30th

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Thursday, November 7th: Join at 3:00 pm OR 5:00 pm

For Parents

Heart of Homeschooling

The Heart of Homeschooling Parent Education Program presents an essential homeschooling topic once a month through a webinar platform. Then on Facebook, additional healthy homeschool habits are presented weekly. The topics can be viewed and discussed within one of our community groups or you can view them on your own. All webinars will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube channel.

Please visit our website when you can. I'm updating it each week so those that aren't on Facebook can receive the information and lessons as well. Click HERE to visit.

FTE Help for Parents

Kingsburg CC and homeschool mom, Lisa Shinn created a concise video from the parent perspective to help families check their own sign-up details in the FTE and how to cancel if a trip has not yet processed. This helpful video tutorial is ONLY 3 minutes, worth every second. Thank you, Lisa!

-Inspiring Talks-

Julie Bogart is back!

Click this link http://bit.ly/InspiringLink for access to the Writing Across the Curriculum webcast on Thursday, November 7th from 1-2.

Click the link below to access prior recording links for Writer’s Jungle and Help for High School Writing: http://bit.ly/Bogart_is_Back_and_Recordings

Questions? arlene@inspireschools.org

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