Amber's Honor's Art Web Page


My name is Amber Calloway and I am in advanced art classes at my high school. I am a senior and have been in art classes all four years. I have had an amazing teacher all four years and enjoy art very much. In this page I am including some of my art pieces that I have worked on in my art classes that I think are some of my best.

Artist's Statement

As an artist I try to make art pieces that have a positive influence. For example when somebody looks at my work I want them to see possitive things, or fun things, not sad. To acheive this I use mostly cool colors, for example my Green Sunset Elephant piece above. I used all cool colors to acheive a calm effect for the painting.

Why I make my art is mostly for my class but in my spare time I enjoy drawing in a sketchbook. I enjoy drawing pictures of nature more than any other subject. I make my art at home to relax and enjoy my evenings when I'm not working.

I enjoy painting more than using any other type of media. I also like doing art with extreme detail. An example of this is my Tribal Elephant painting. I enjoyed creating that painting and I love the way it turned out.

What does my art mean to me? My art makes me feel more comfortable with expressing myself. I feel differently about each piece of course, it depends on what the art work is about. Most of my pieces are just whimsy and fun and they make me feel happy. The most sentimental piece of art that I have done is the Purple Still Life, the one about my grandmother who passed. It is sad because she is gone, but happy at the same time because I can still remember her. But overall I want my art to make me happy, while I'm doing it and after it's finsihed.