Natalie A.

Facts about dogs!

 some dogs can hear about 15 miles away when he/she is in the country but onlyabout 1mile away when he/she is in the city. They can only hear about 1 mile away in the city because there are so many noises arowend the city. Dogs have been with people for 15,000 years! Here are some wourld recerds about dogs. the tallest dog was 41 inches long. the oldes dog lived to be 29 years in human years. the heaviest dog was 319 pounds! That would be about 6 and 1 qurter of me! Did you know that some dogs can jump as high as him /her self? The first dog show was in Britan 1859 and the first  animal to go to space was actually a girl dog! Facts about dog jobs. Golden Retrevers were the first breed to get fishing nets. Huskeys were to herd raindeer for3,000 years. Dogs have lots of jobs like a fire house dog , a police dog and a rescue dog. dogs have lots of jobs!