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Week of September 5, 2022

Welcome Ms. Hoff!

Hello! My name is Ms. Hoff, and I am a student teacher both here at Prairie View and over at West High School for the first and second quarters. I am going to school at UW-Platteville and will be graduating with a teaching certificate in K-12 General and Instrumental Music. I am very passionate about music and so excited to be here and to meet everyone!

First Day -7th/8th Grade Only!

We will be playing instruments on Tuesday in 7th and 8th grade band. Students should plan on bringing their instruments to school on the first day (Tuesday, Sept. 6). Students can bring their instrument to the band room right away in the morning before SP 30 begins. Students will be assigned a band locker and will be given a folder on Tuesday during band class. We are so excited to get started on Day 1.

First Week- 6th grade Only!

6th grade band members will not need their instruments until the second day of band (Thursday Sept. 8/Friday Sept. 9). Each 6th grade band student will spend the first day of band finding and learning how to use their band locker and learning about band student basics. If your student has their instrument at home they should plan on having it at school by the second day of band. Students should bring their instrument to the band room right away in the morning before SP 30 begins and store their instrument in their band locker. Remember if you play Euphonium or Tuba keep your home instrument at home for practice and use your school instrument for band.

Band Blast Off-6th grade families only!

Band Blast Off is our after school start-up program for students who were either unable to attend Band Starts Now! during the summer or those who would like extra review. Students who were unable to attend Band Starts Now! the week of August 22, should plan on attending Band Blast Off during the first week of school.

Classes are divided into two sections based on the instrument that students are playing. All classes will meet from 3:35-4:30 PM in the band room:

  • Flute/Clarinet/Trumpet: Tuesday & Wednesday, September 6 & 7
  • Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba: Thursday & Friday, September 8 & 9

An activity bus will be available to take students who normally ride the bus home after each class. Please note that this bus covers the entire PVMS boundary area and may take a bit longer than normal to drop your student off.

Missed Open House? No Problem!

If you were unable to attend Wednesday's open house, you can find a link to the family/caregiver information packet below.

Additionally we will be sizing all remaining students for concert shirts on Tuesday & Wednesday. Please see below for information about this year's concert shirts and related fees.

Information From Previous Newsletters

What do students need for band this year?

1. Your band instrument in good playing condition. You may be renting already from Ward Brodt, own an instrument or using a school instrument. The key is to make sure it is working properly!

2. A pencil - keep one in band folder or instrument case.

3. Band Folder-you will receive this on the first day of class.

4. A Small Group Lesson Book "Student Instrumental Course" Book 1 for woodwind and brass players. Percussionists will use "Alfred Snare Drum Book" and the "Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion" book.

6. Woodwind musicians make sure you have a box of good reeds to start the year.

7. Brass players should have valve oil and slide grease.

8. Percussionists should make sure they have all of the necessary mallets and sticks needed for this year. Consult the supply list linked below for more information. Make sure your sticks/mallets and clearly labeled with your name and keep them in a stick bag.

Instrument Rentals and Supplies

If your student still needs to rent an instrument or order supplies, please click on the appropriate link below to visit the Ward-Brodt website. Be sure to select "free school delivery" so your student's materials will be delivered directly to prairie View. Financial assistance is available; please reach out to Mr. Quaglieri or Mrs. Gleason to learn more.

IMPORTANT: Students playing the euphonium, tuba, french horn, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet and percussion should NOT rent an instrument through Ward-Brodt. These instruments are rented exclusively through the school and the rental fee will be put on your student's Infinite Campus account. (see below)

PLEASE NOTE: The "Warmups and Beyond" book was accidentally added to the eighth grade Ward-Brodt list, however students DO NOT need to order this book. We are working to change this as soon as possible.

Euphonium and Tuba Rentals

Students who are learning the euphonium and the tuba will have two instruments checked out to them during the school year; one to use at school and one to keep at home to practice. Home instruments need to be maintained in good working condition throughout the school year. Please let me know if there are any issues with your student’s home instrument right away.

School Owned Instrument Rental Fees

A rental fee of $50 per year ($25 per semester) will be charged to those who use a school owned instruments to cover the cost of maintenance and upkeep. This fee will be placed in student accounts very soon. Please be sure to check your student's Infinite Campus account for accuracy.

Concert Schedule and Attendance

Concerts are an extension of the band classroom and the learning that takes place every day. Music was created to be shared and not performed in isolation (or in the band room only). For this reason, we need to perform for an audience in order to share the wealth of learning that has taken place. This sharing helps the students to bring closure to the learning process and also propels them towards the next step in the journey. Student participation in concerts is vital to the success of all the students involved. Please make every effort to have your child be a part of these experiences. We are happy to talk to coaches & organization leaders to help navigate scheduling concerns as long as we have prior notice. If you have a reason to miss any performance, please contact your teacher as soon as possible prior to the concert date.

Concert Uniform

  • Concert attire is black pants and your student’s black Prairie View music shirt.

  • All students participating in a Prairie View music ensemble will be getting a Prairie View music shirt that will be worn as a concert uniform. A one-time course fee of $20 will be added to your student's infinite campus account to cover the cost of the shirt. If students grow out of their shirt before the end of 8th grade, we will exchange it for a bigger size free of charge.

  • Dark shoes are highly encouraged but not required.

  • Keep in mind that your student may go through several sizes of pants over the next two years…we recommend purchasing cheap pants for the time being. As long as they are black, they will work!

Infinite Campus Fee Waivers

Financial assistance is available for families who qualify for free & reduced lunch prices. If you are eligible, but have not yet completed the necessary paperwork please do so as this step ensures state funds are allocated toward uniform purchases and instrument repairs.

Photo Opt Out Form

We love to share the great experiences that our students have in band with others in the school district as well as the greater community. In order to do so, we must ensure that we have your permission. Please review our consent and release statement linked below. If you would like for us to refrain from using pictures of your student on our website and other promotional publications, please print out the form, complete it, and turn it in to me. Please note that if we do not receive this form from you, we will assume that you agree to the terms on this page. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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