My Struggles

How I learned to not mess around with my grades.

Not what I was expecting.

I came into 7th grade PRE-AP thinking it was gonna be like 6th grade, unfortunately, I was dead wrong. I was unprepared, foolish, and I thought i would be fine. Come my 3rd progress report, i was near failing one of my classes. I saw the grade and went numb, then i said okay and knew i needed to get my self together.

I got this!

After seeing my grade I raised it. It was only the first 6 weeks so it was easy. I thought the hard part was over but again, i was dead wrong. I had once again thought it was easy and once again fell flat on my face.

This is painful!

I have yet to recover from falling flat again but i did learn something. I learned i can't just mess around with my grades. I needed help and organization.

My new beginning!

The AVID program has helped me in various ways. They taught and are still teaching me they ways to be successful. I thank the good lord my teachers pushed me to sign up for this class or else, I don't know where i would be.
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Life goals.

I'm thankful for the AVID program and all its done. I will hopefully get my stuff together next semester with the help of AVID. I would like to succeed with the help of AVID.

I need help!

I'm not certain what will happen to me this semester but I am determined to do my best the next. Mrs.Jackson and coach shaw (and i guess coach johnson) will for sure get me in (grade wise) shape. I'm gonna get myself back on track.
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I still have a long way to go.