Cellular Phone

by: Brittany Hines

How are the phones different...?

1st phone Motorola DynaTAC 8000X - these types of phones were invented mainly to put in cars, these were large and weighed a lot you couldn't use them unless they were in the car and the engine was on because there was too much power in the telephone for it to be plugged in into a house or to use without electricity. These phones took many different tries to come up with and make they had multiple run throughs until they finally got the phone to work.

2nd phone Nokia 8120 - when this phone first came out it was the lightest phone ever and weighed next to nothing compared to previous phones. This phone was the new hot thing on the market because there were multiple different covers for it and everyone's could look different. THis phone also had a screen that was viable and it could store up to 250 different names in it, by this time they also had very small sd cards that were available to be put in there for more memory and if you had a sim card then you were able to save up to 50 notes on your calendar. These were also one of the first phones that you could use SMS messaging on it and send multiple texts to another.

3rd phone MotoX2ndgen- this is the second generation to this phone and it is improved by the framework and the metal it's made of these phones also have a lot better software such as memory space and it's also one of the first that you can completely talk to and it will do what you say these also have commands that can be followed.

Nokia 8210-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_8210