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September Edition for Auburn Union School District Families

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Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) has been working behind the scenes to provide systems, structures, and supports for students, teachers, and families.

Some of our work includes:

  • Implemented data management and assessment system through Illuminate Education to allow teachers to administer district-wide assessments that identify student's progression toward meeting grade-level standards
  • Developed a reading and math intervention program for our Title I schools that will provide support to students who need Tier 2 and Tier 3 support
  • Implemented district-wide core and supplemental curriculum to ensure equity and access
  • Provided many hours of Professional Development to all staff in the areas of curriculum and instruction, teaching strategies, technology, distance learning, and more
  • Developed a program for designated English Learner Development (ELD) that includes core curriculum (WOnders and Springboard) and strategies and support for teaching designated ELD
  • Purchased Screencastify, a product that allows the user to create instructional videos
  • Parent University!

Michelle Lucci Garcia, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Olivia Conn, Coordinator of English Learners and Assessment

Kirsten Badertscher, Executive Assistant

Parent University

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 4-5pm

This is an online event.

To Join Zoom Meeting

Auburn Union School District partners with families and builds collaborative communities to ensure student success! Parent University provides monthly classes that help parents become full partners in their children's education.

Parent University offerings focus on three areas:

  • College and Career readiness, these offerings provide parents with information about how to support children’s academic opportunities and make informed decisions.
  • Health and Wellness, these offerings support information and activities to help families build healthy lifestyles physically as well as emotionally.
  • Parenting Awareness, these offerings provide information that can empower parents to raise confident, educated children ready for the 21st century.

English Learner Program

Auburn Union School District, located in the foothills of northern California, serves approximately 1750 students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. English learners comprise about 20% of the overall student population, with the majority of our English learners coming from Spanish speaking backgrounds. The remaining English learners include, but are not limited to, Urdu, Pilipino or Tagalog, Punjabi, Mandarin, and Russian.

Serving AUSD English Learners 2020-2021

English Language Development (ELD) Curriculum

ALL English learners receive designated ELD instruction with the newly adopted Wonders and SpringBoard ELD curriculum.

English Learner Master Plan

Stakeholders throughout AUSD will provide input to the newly developed English Learner Master Plan. This document provides an overview of the English Learner program that serves English learners at all five schools in the district.

District Expectations

The AUSD Designated and Integrated ELD Expectations provide a roadmap for best practices and resources that ensure access to high-quality instruction for English learners. These expectations are based on the most up-to-date research, professional development, and guidance documents.


The focus for future training is on high leverage Integrated and Designated ELD strategies. On September 22nd, the Curriculum and Development Department will provide training to AUSD staff from the newly adopted Wonders curriculum on designated English language development instruction for teachers in grades K-5.

Special Education and Student Services

PCOE and our Community Partners from Children System of Care, Kids First, Lighthouse Counseling, and Granite Wellness Centers are supporting a number of no-cost programs for students and families.

The first of these programs to roll out is the “Road to Wellness” provided by Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center.

Road to Wellness supports adolescents experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, anger, sleep disorders, fatigue, guilt, or other feelings affecting their health and wellbeing. An evidence-based six-week course for Middle and High School students, Road to Wellness will address many needs our students faced during these unprecedented times.

Due to the uncertainty of scheduling and hearing from districts, Road to Wellness will now be offered online.

Enrollment can start immediately by contacting Lauren Hughes at (916 572-7344) Lighthouse Counseling.

Coming soon is a similar program for elementary school-aged students called “Camp Cope a Lot”

Shaen Hosie, Director of Special Education & Student Services

Moriah Gloyd, Executive Assistant

Quiet/Safe Place Tool for our AUSD social emotional learning (SEL)

As many of you know, we are focusing on the Quiet/Safe Place Tool for our AUSD social emotional learning (SEL) focus this month. You can find videos and helpful tips on how to practice this tool and other tools on our District website under parent resources and social emotional learning.

The Quiet/Safe Place tool is a great tool to explore through art. There are so many ways you can create a quiet/safe place with any type of art medium including coloring, painting, drawing, building materials and/or clay. Art is helpful for all areas of child development, including social and emotional development. Through art, children can express themselves and experiences they may not be able to verbalize. When children create art, they are responsible for taking care and putting away their materials which are important elements to social learning. Through art, children grow their ability to control their feelings and behaviors in addition to building relationships with others.

Here are some creative avenues to explore the Quiet/Safe Place Tool at home through art:

Create your own Quiet/Safe Place with cardboard:

Draw your own Quiet Safe Place Art Activity:

Amanda Jacobson, Mental Health Specialist

Technology Department

EV Cain Families. Please remember the Chromebooks you were assigned are yours until you graduate from EV Cain or you leave our District at which time they must be returned in working order. Please consider the Optional Chromebook Protection Plan (CPP) offered through until the end of September. View the details here. When you start to return to school we will be distributing cases for the Chromebooks.

We are working on plans to host a Zoom meeting for parents to attend to address some common Chromebook troubleshooting and have a Question and Answer period to help smooth some of the issues you may be experiencing.

Dave Peters, Director of Technology

Child Nutrition

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Help us help you by filling out this quick survey

Let us know you are coming to pick up meals by filling out this quick survey to pre-order Meal Kits for your children.

We have great news for your grocery budget! The USDA has made it possible for our Child Nutrition Department to feed all children at no cost to you!

Free meals for kids can be picked up every Tuesday and Thursday of the Distance Learning school year. Visit Rock Creek Elementary, Skyridge Elementary, or EV Cain Middle School to pick up Meal Kits from 6:45 am - 8:00 am or from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Please complete the Meal Benefit Program Application. This quick form helps the schools be funded as fully as possible. It’s the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever be a part of! Applications are available in print at the school sites and online here:

April Mackill, Director of Child Nutrition

Chantal Tadlock, Administrative Assistant

Education Services

Michelle Lucci Garcia, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Shaen Hosie, Director of Special Education and Student Services

Dave Peters, Director of Technology

April Mackill, Director of Child Nutrition

Olivia Conn, Coordinator of English Learners and Assessment

Amanda Jacobson, Mental Health Specialist

Kirsten Badertscher, Executive Assistant

Moriah Gloyd, Executive Assistant

Chantal Tadlock, Administrative Assistant