16, Too Young, Or Just Right?

The facts and statistics of teen driving

Is 16 Too Young?

!6 is too young of an age because a lot of teens have been more focused on technology rather than being worried about the road and other peoples safety. Which makes teen drivers loose reputation and trust from their guardian. Some teen drivers may not understand the full responsibility of driving a care. Just one little mistake and it can ruin a life.


The consequences of being a teen driver can resort to many things such as, wrecks, crashes, and even extreme measures that can cause injury and even worse, death. Not being careful on the road may not fully resort to teen drivers. Anyone can cause an accident. You just have to pay attention. Texting and driving is a main issue that is causing teen drivers to have issues. The distraction of technology is a major issue that we've been seeing in wreck. Underage drinking is another cause. Driving intoxicated is defiantly a bad decision. For anyone

Ways to Avoid The worst


  1. Pay attention
  2. Look both ways
  3. Be responsible
  4. Lhink before you do
  5. Do the right thing