Miss Nichols Newsletter

Kindergarten Kiddos

How is April over?

This week we have been focusing on reading stories or listening to stories and being able to answer questions about what they read or heard. Anytime you are reading with your child stop and ask them questions about what they just read. It really helps keep them engaged and helps with remembering what they read. We have also been building on our sentences. We have gotten SO much better at starting with a capital letter, ending with punctuation, and staying on one topic!

In math we reviewed coins and counting them. We know what each coin is, but we still have trouble counting them. Anytime you have some change pull it out and practice counting!

Next Week!

We will continue to learn things about the outside and doing activities with Arbor day!

We will continue to work on writing and building more and more sentences, working on nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

We will also begin our last round of Dibels tests, and begin assessing for the report card!

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May and Summer Birthdays!


10 Nick

23 Akari

30 Carson


14 Laiden

July 1 Cristian

Karen 17

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Dates To Know

May 5- Ag Day at the Fairgrounds

May 11- Field Trip to the Children's Museum!

May 24-Kindergarten Program 1:30

May 25- LAST DAY of Kindergarten

Practice counting by 5's and 10's with these fun videos!

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