FMS Staff Weekend Focus

May 15th, 2016

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*UPDATES* 5-17-16

Last Day of School Dress: Casual and field day appropriate....shorts are fine as long as they meet dress code :)

Friday is a full contracted day for ALL teachers. Please plan to be here all day. An agenda will be out mid-week.

Staff Social to celebrate a GREAT year will be Thursday, May 19th after school (2:00ish) at Serenity Valley Winery in Millersburg.

Dear FMS Staff,

Holy smokes it's the last week of school!!! WOWZA! It has been a year full of celebration, of hard work, of failures and of lessons learned. We've grown together, we've laughed together, we've cried together, we've been frustrated with each other, we've celebrated each other and most of all we have changed lives together. Thank you for your energy, your enthusiasm, your passion for what is best for kids and for bringing it every day, even those that were hard.

We only have three and a half days left to make an impact, to make a difference, to show we care, to celebrate our students' accomplishments and to instill learning until that #lastbell. How can we do that? Bring it on home this week with your BEST lessons! Put the movies away that you may have planned and instead brainstorm a lesson that will leave an impact all summer long. Hand the reins over to the kids and let them help you with the planning. Ask your kids that sometimes can be the most challenging what lessons would be life changers for them. Create those experiences that will get our kids to actually say...I wish it wasn't over. (ok...I'm realistic enough to believe that may be a little stretch :) I've included some resources below to help spark creativity, but you can also check out the hashtag #lastbell for other ideas.

We can complain about student behaviors and motivation this week, or we can create three and a half days of awesome to keep them engaged and learning until the #lastbell. Let's do this!

Let's make this week amazing,


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THANK YOU to the FCI Team!

What an amazing FMS Talent show Friday night! Our kids (and Mr. Yates) did a truly phenomenal job of showcasing their amazing strengths! Check out our Facebook page for pics and videos.
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Attendance Updates

Average Daily Attendance: 95.5%

% of Students here 90% of the time: 89.92%

WOOHOO! Our goal is 90% of our students here 90% of the time. We can do this!

Next Week at FMS

Monday: #CelebrateMonday, 6-7th grade FMS Chromebook Check In, 8th grade MAP Bowling, 7th grade MAP Movies

Tuesday: 8th grade FMS Chromebook Check In, 8th grade Awards & Celebration 1:00-2:30, Harmony Hornets

Wednesday: 8th grade Field Trip, End of 6th Term, 7th Grade Awards 8:45-9:45, 6th Grade Awards 10:15-11:15.

Thursday: FMS Summer Celebration/Field Day, Last Day of School - Two Hour Early Dismissal!

Friday: Staff Day...details soon :)

Other Information and Dates

HOOK OF THE WEEK: The Life Changing Lesson Hook

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TLAP Page 104

  • How can I use this lesson to deliver an inspirational message?
  • What type of life-changing lesson can be incorporated into the content?
  • What type of essential question can I ask that allow students the opportunity for personal reflection and growth?

So Much Happening Last Week @ #FMSTeach