My Family

Is My Community by Autumn T.

My Family Is Pretty Great In My Opinion

What do we do in our community? My family loves to have fun, in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. In the summer we go on the lake. In the winter we go to the cabin and fish. In the spring we go to my grandma and grandpas house. I the fall we go to where my aunt and uncle live.

What makes my community awesome and important to me? My family can make a complete fool out of themselves ( actually it's just me ) and play it off like nothing happened. My family is super important to me. I may not get to see them that much, but I still see them enough. A reason they are important to me is because they make amazing food, make really dumb jokes that are hilarious, and we are never board.

My community

Why would others want to be apart of my community? Personally I wouldn't want others that I don't know to be apart of my community. That we know very well might want to be a part of our community because they know who we are. The reason I don't not others that we don't know very much because they might think we are a little weird. we do lots of fun but crazy things that might scare people. Like getting lost in the woods...

Why is my community different from other community's? My community is different from other community's because we have weird traditions. For example we sometimes go on my aunts lake in May when it's freezing cold. Another way my community is it different is how every year on the Fourth of July we go to a concert on water. My family also does not get to see each other as much as other community's do. The last way my community is different is that they are super crazy.