by: marcus leyva

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5 facts on civil rights movements

1. plessy vs. fergusan court case ruled separate but equal

2. when rosa parks got arrested for not move so a white man could sit down that was the causes of the civil rights movement.

3. in 1954 the court struck down the "separate but equal".

4. the NAACP was founded in Feb. 12th 1909.

5. martin luther king jr. led the march on Washington and did the "I have a dream speech".

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role in the civil rights movement

this was one of the earliest most influential civil right organization in the united states. during the earlier years, the naacp focused on the strategies designed to confront the critical civil rights issues of the day. and the naacp retained a prominent role within the movement, co-organizing the march on Washington and successfully lobbing for legislation that resulted in the 1964 civil rights act and the 1965 voting act.

growth of NAACP

with a strong emphasis on local organizing, by 1913 NAACP had established branch offices in Boston,Massachusetts and Baltimore, Maryland and Kansas City, Missouri; Washington D.C; Detroit, Michigan; St. Luis, Missouri. Joel Spingarn was one of the founders of the organization and he was a professor of literature that formulated much of the strategies that led to the growth of the organization. He was elected chairmen in 1915 and sever a president from 1929-1939.