Come To Crystal Mountain

Its A Great Vacation Place!!!

the positives

There is an outdoor pool and hot tub. Also there is an indoor one. The outdoor hot tub is open all year long and it opens at 9 and closes at midnight. Next in the summer the pool is really big and there is a beach house where you can by lunch or dinner while you are at the pool. So you do not have to leave. Then there is a kids side and a adult or bigger kids side and there are basketball hoops on both sides but there is a volleyball net on the side for bigger kids.
Crystal Mountain Michigan Alpine Slide

The Only Negative In The Winter.

The only negative is that the back side on the ski hill is closed at 5 and it opens again the next day at 10. but the ski hill is open frown 9 to 9.
Crystal Mountain Michigan Skiing with GoPro HD

about crystal

crystal is a great vacation and relaxation spot it is a lot of fun summer or winter in the summer the out door pool is open and in the winter all skiing is open so come and visit is a great place to be.