Board Report

March, 2022 Edition

The Board welcomed Kendal Moxey, Coach Anderson, Jon Marketto and the Lady Lions. Kendal was presented with a Certificate to honor her achievements and records setting stats, including scoring 1,168 points in just 2 1/2 years of playing. Congratulations to Kendal on a great career, and to the entire Queen Anne's County women's basketball team on an outstanding season!

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Energizer Bunny, Shining Star, and Spirit Award Recognitions

Nominated by Susan Walbert, Principal, CHES

The March Energizer Bunny award winner is Victoria Pape. Ms. Pape is an instructional assistant in our Pre-Kindergarten class. She is dedicated and loves her job mainly because she enjoys watching her students grow and learn. Words that describe Ms. Pape include active, lively, energetic, flexible, and dynamic. Whatever her students need is what she works hard to achieve! No matter the challenge, Ms. Pape keeps going and going and going!

The February Shining Star is Jane D'Angelo. Ms. D'Angelo is an instructional assistant at Church Hill Elementary. Our students describe her as kind, caring and helpful. Our Staff says she is dependable, hardworking, and fun. This star shines so brightly all day, but she lights up Church Hill with her organized "Chick-fil-a" pick-up line at the end of the day! She leads this pick-up line with a smile greeting families as they sign out their cubs in the most organized car rider dismissal ever! Families line up in three lines, leading to two, which leads to one as they arrive to pick up their cubs. Jane is our shining star inside and out!

The February Spirit Award Winner is Michael Moore. Mr. Moore is our Learning Lab instructor. Michael has an enthusiastic and determined attitude. He keeps the cubstrong spirit alive at Church Hill Elementary School. He leads our student council group in organizing spirit days and participates in everyone. He also manages our staff social committee bringing lots of fun and excitement to our Staff. His spirit is contagious, and our students look to Mr. Moore daily for a smile and laugh!

February Spotlight

Amy Hudock presented the February Spotlight to shine a light on some of the exciting activities that took place at each of our schools throughout the month of February.



Purchase Approval - High School Lab Computers

The Board approved the purchase of desktop computers for both high school computer labs.

Purchase Approval - Engineering Lab Design Computers

The Board approved the purchase of desktop computers for both high school Project Lead The Way engineering design lab computers.

Transfer Request

The Board approved the transfer request to account for the need of 2 school bus drivers

Electrostatic Sprayers

The Board approved the contract with Daycon to provide electrostatic sprayers for cleaning and sanitizing in all QACPS buildings.

QACPS BOE Meeting 3 2 2022