Sneezing & Not Washing.

Don't be a sleaze, Wash away your sneeze!

Please don't sneeze!

Does it gross you out when you see someone leave a public restroom without washing their hands? What if you see a server at a restaurant wipe their nose and then handles your food? But what if YOU sneeze with out washing your hands? Spreading all types of your bacteria to other people. Think about it.

Doctors Opinion

According to the Center of Disease Control Prevention (CDC), every time you sneeze in your hand, you are potentially spreading some type of illness onto the next person or surface you touch.

Causes of unprotected sneezing:



  • Billions of germs are spread when you sneeze.
  • Sneezes travel at a speed of 100 mp/h.
  • A sneeze may stay in the air for 3 hours