India & Pakistans ongoing conflict

Why are they in an ongoing conflict with each other?


Both India and Pakistan have found a place, and they both want it. This place is called Kashmir. Kashmir is high up in the mountains, and contains the source for the Indus river, Water is a precious resource in the region. It could be used for Irrigation for agriculture, transportation, energy, and drinking water, and other mineral resources thought to be there. Because they were fighting for Kashmir, India and Pakistan went to war two times over it. Later they went to war over East Pakistan, which is now known as Bangladesh. The Muslims also did not feel their rights were protected because they were in Hindu majority. Both countries were suspected of developing nuclear weapons. This made them stronger, so they could easily destroy each other.

The 1947 split

The Muslims did not trust the Hindus. Time period was called the Partition. Nearly 14 million people migrated according to religion. Violence caused +500,000 deaths. Tension lead to the Mumbai attack in 2008. They both have nuclear weapons and that could lead to more deaths.

Many attacks against eachother


Pakistan and India both have attacked each other many times. There were hostage attacks, plane destruction and many other things. Other things like wars, fighting over land. They have both been very cruel towards each other.

Should we be concerned?

Yes! Since india and Pakistan now have nuclear weapons a war can start. Our country could be in extreme danger because of that. If more terrorist attacks go on they might come to us and put the US in danger. We could get involved.