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INSTRUCT: Sigmund Freud and Personality

We have examined Sigmund Freud before in this course. Freud was the founder of the psychoanalysis school of thought in psychology. He became a pop culture icon when he was alive and has bouts of popularity in psychology today. We examined Freud’s theory on dreams and hypnosis in the consciousness module.

Let’s review quickly: Freud divided dreams into latent and manifest content. The manifest content of the dream is the factual information and evidence in the dream. Where you were, what happened, visual images, etc. The latent content is what is hidden beneath the surface of the manifest content. The latent content reveals what the dreamer’s unconscious mind and its focus. Freud believed that he could discover a patient’s ailment/illness by focusing on dreams. He also used hypnosis to help patients tap into the unconscious mind (the hidden mind). By putting a patient in a hypnotic trance, it would allow Freud to delve into the unconscious mind to discover the root of the patient’s problems.

Now, we will study the id, ego, and superego. I like to refer to this as an angel (good spirit) and devil (bad spirit) on your shoulder. The id is like the devil (bad spirit) edging you to do the impulsive thing. The id is also known as the pleasure principle. The id wants immediate gratification. The superego is like the angel (good spirit) on your shoulder. It is also known as the moral principle. The superego helps us make judgments based on moral standards and ideals. The ego is like the middleman struggling to make the id and superego behave properly. It is also known as the reality principle. The ego has a hard job because it has to balance the id that wants immediate gratification while the superego tries to do the right thing.

Example: You are hungry. Your friend has a candy bar. Let’s see the process of the id, ego, and superego.

  • The id says, “I’m hungry so I will take that candy bar and eat it!”
  • The superego says, “It’s wrong to steal so I won’t take the candy bar.”
  • The ego says, “I’m hungry and my friend has a candy bar, so I will ask my friend if I can have a piece.”

INFORM: Assignments for Module 11

Module 11 opens today and there is much to do prior to your first required submission. Because of the impending winter storm, I will leave the pretest open longer than normal - however, you should be reading ahead and working in your course. Your first graded assignment for the module will be due on Monday, February 17th - a quiz! Use your time wisely - and plan ahead!

CELEBRATE: Outstanding Effort on the Module 9 & 10 Test

Congratulations to the many students who scored a 95% or above on their Module 9 & 10 Test: Caleb, Megan, Charles, Whitney, Sam, David, Carson, Madison, Emma, Aaron and Cassidy. Well done!