Ipads for Teaching and Learning

Summer Aschenbach

Technology advances change in the classroom

Everyday there are constant advances in the classroom. Growing up I was use to the method of pencil and paper, overheads, white boards and chalkboards. Now, if you walk into a classroom, you are most likely bound to see iPads, computers and other high tech devices that are used to enhance learning. I truly believe that the use of iPads in the classroom are effective and advance students learning. Let me show you why.........
Why use iPads in education?

What is the cost savings between the device, books, paper, etc, etc.

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With the change from textbooks to iPads, are expenses RISING

or LOWERING for school systems and families? Check out these articles to see some of the research found.


This article looks at four specific categories....

1. How tablets are saving money at schools

2. The hidden cost of tablets

3. How tablets can improve learning

4. An inevitability


This article focus on the idea that the use of tablets are saving trees and includes the exact spending cost that schools are spending on paper alone.

Ipads can be used for many things in the classroom. Lets take a look.


This article focuses on the different apps that allow students to CREATE. These apps are great to use to get students active in creative thinking and learning.


Throughout this read, you will be able to see 10 specific ways that the iPad can be used in the classroom. These apps are educational for students and teachers to use on a daily basis.


Take a look at how first grade students are currently using iPads in their classroom to help enhance their learning!

iPads in the Classroom

Still not sold on the idea of iPads in the classroom?

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Interesting Reads


This article focuses on the idea that iPads are great to use to for students in your classroom that are kinesthetic learners.


This article provides you with endless amount of statics about the use of iPads in the classroom, as well as 31 different ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.


This is a Forbes review article that goes into detail about the pros and cons of iPad usage in the classroom.

Reviews from the kiddos

Technology in the Classroom - iPads

Fun Facts about the use of i pads in the classroom


This article goes into details about 10 specific facts that show the GROWTH of iPads used as a learning tool in the classroom.

Take a look at the top rated apps that can be used in an classroom setting, which are both educational and effective for students learning.