By: Caitlin

Engineering definition

I want to be an electrical engineer, just like my dad. Engineering has a lot to do with math and I'm really good at math. Engineering is usually designing things. Then putting them into real life.

What I need

When you are an electrical engineer you need to know how to work with electrical things, know the safety laws of electricity, and you need decent computer skills. To be an electrical engineer you need to be Logic smart, interpersonal smart, linguistic smart, and visual/spatial smart. You need at least a four year degree to be and engineer. An electrical engineer works usually more than 40 hours. Some of the negatives about being an electrical engineer are that you may work long hours, work nights (like my dad right now 4/18/15), and you will most likely be traveling. The pros are that you are respected, you can make a good living, and last but not least you can be traveling.