Technology of the 1930s

By: Drannon, Shayla, Brandon, Chris

Feb. 24th, 1930

Vannevar Bush at MIT in Boston is the inventor of the Differential Analyzer. This device is a mechanical analogue computer designed to solve differential equations by integration.

Oct. 28th, 1930

The first color cartoon was released, Flip the Frog produced by Ub Iwerks.

Aug. 29th, 1932

The desk phone is invented by Henry Dreyfuss.

Late 1930s

The Volkswagen Beetle was created by Ferdinand Porsche

Chevy 1935 Master Deluxe

-New Master De luxe Chevrolet with improved master blue flame engine, pressure steam oiling , cable brakes and shock proof steering. -$560

New GE Thrifty Six

Fridge Six Cubic Feet all steel cabinet stainless steel super freezer


Philco Radio

-With built in Ariel Tuning system with ultra high fidelity and able to pick up stations from countries around the world and Police, Air, and shipping


1931, Igor Sikorsky

- Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972) created a four-engine aircraft called the S-40 named "The American Clipper." In 1935, the S-42 was named "The Clipper." In 1939 Sikorsky invented the first controlled, passenger-carrying helicopter.

1933, Buckminister Fuller

-Buckminister Fuller (1895-1983) invented the Dymaxion car, which ran on gasoline and could cross open fields, at speeds as fast as 120 miles an hour, and could carry 12 passengers.


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