8th Grade Year

By: Ciera Cory


Everyday after school, everyone who made the 8th grade volleyball team would make their way down to the Osage Trail gym. Everyone got ready in the locker rooms. But we didn't just get ready in there, no. But why would we? Someone always broke out in song and everyone just kinda joined in. If it was a practice day, everyone moved out of the locker rooms and into the gym to set up the nets. The high school volleyball players always left the nets a complete mess, and we were left to untangle them. But we had fun. A lot of us were smaller, so the slightly larger ones would lift the other on their shoulders to hang the nets and antenna. After the nets were done and it was time to start practice, we were all "doing" the warm ups. Our coaches would always yell;

"Let's go girls pick up the pace!"

But that only made us move slower. Most of the conversations that happened during the season went a little something like this;

"Hey have you heard about that team we have to play next week?"

"Ya they seem like an easy team we could totally take them."

When in reality, we lost to those "easy to beat" teams. We had a lot of fall out, and a couple of fights, but that just made everything a little more interesting. We became like a little dysfunctional family.


When preparing for the EOC in either 8th or 9th grade, there are many things one can do. There are multiple websites that give you incite on what the previous tests were like. Take those into consideration for what to study. Another option is looking up the practice tests. Many teachers do these in class to help everyone prepare for the upcoming test, but if studying more of those exact problems would help, then find them and make it feel like it is the real test. After taking these practice test, figure out what problems are the struggle and focus on those. Continue to do a variety of different study habits to ensure that the EOC will be a breeze.


Creating a good bond with your teachers and coaches is important. The class will not seem as terrible when you walk in, cause you are excited to see that one teacher that makes your day better. This will help you in all aspects. Asking questions will not seem so terrifying, and taking criticism will make you a better student. With sports, creating that bond with them will get you far. Your athletic ability of course has to be there, but having that bond with a coach will get you farther. Creating this voluntarily shows your character. That you will be open to ideas and can make new friends pretty easily. The more you show your coaches your talent and personality, the more they will want you on their team. Having a bond with the coach will help when they decide to pick teams like JV vs Varsity. Which category will fit you best? Where will you improve the most? They coaches will ask themselves this question when considering you for their team. If open gyms are available, go to them. They will show how you can shake off something bad that happened. Show that maybe you are improving when you are with them. And most importantly, show you cooperation. If the coach asks you to do something you may not want to, but still doing it, shows your character. Coaches want to see who you really are before possibly recruiting you.


School uniforms are a controversy at OTMS. A lot of people want uniforms, but a lot of people don't. There are some benefits to both. For example, creative freedom for choosing your clothes. People should be allowed to express themselves through their clothing if they please. But the downside to it is that someone's creativeness might be offensive to other people.

Uniforms could be a good idea too. They would eliminate the amount of time it takes in the morning to get ready. This would also help with kids getting bullied for what they are wearing. Everyone would be wearing the same thing. This would also assist the teachers with keeping the kids in check and make sure that they aren't wearing anything against the dress code.