6th Grade Tiger Newsletter


Tiger Teacher Topics of the Week

Mrs. Jester's Math

This week, in Mrs. Jester's 6th grade math class, we will be using the greatest common factor of two numbers to simplify fractions. We will also be finding the least common multiple of two or more numbers. At the end of the week, we will have a short quiz that covers Lessons 4-1, 4-2, 4-4 and 4-8 in our textbook.

In Mrs. Jester's Pre-AP Pre-Algebra class, we will identify corresponding parts of similar figures and solve for unknown measures in similar figures. We will also solve problems involving scale drawings and graph translations of polygons on a coordinate plane.

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Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Turnbow's Math

Mrs. Turnbow and Mrs. Campbell's math classes will be writing and graphing inequalities.

Mrs. Reynolds' Spanish

We will be working on two new verbs this week and putting it all together. I look forward to seeing how students do on their challenge conversations.

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Ms. Jasper's Science

We are finishing chapter 2 lesson 3 this week. We will be reviewing magnetism and preparing for our 2.3 quiz on Tuesday (our quiz was supposed to be last week, but the volleyball game and play has caused us to be a little behind) and our chapter 2 test on Thursday.

Your students have Lesson 1, 2 and 3 notes for chapter 2. They should be reviewing those in preparation for our Chapter 2 test on Thursday. Their study guide for the test is already available on google classroom.

You can download the ConnectEd app on your child's phone or tablet, and use their username and login I sent you to let them readily have access to videos and activities that go with our book if you want.

Ms. Clark's Science

We had to push the flashlight activity to November 14th. Thank you to everyone who has already brought:

1-2 D Cell Batteries

Toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls

Electrical tape

Masking tape

It really is essential for everyone to at least bring something to use from that list, and it is EXTRA awesome if the electrical or masking tape could be donated for class use. It is one less thing for me to purchase and I truly do appreciate it. It lets me spend money on other future labs.

Next up? Magnetism's relationship to electricity!

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies

In the month of November, social studies classes will focus on the election process here in the US. We will have a mock election here at school. The kids will also have a tracking map to track the real election results on November 8. We will also focus on types of economies found around the world. November 17 will be a date to put a star by on the calendar as we will take our "1st term" test. The test will cover topics covered during the first 12 weeks of school and will be written using higher level questions normally seen on the OCCT tests. Look for a study sheet coming home soon.

Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Frank's English

Sixth grade English classes will finish reading our novel, Freak the Mighty, next week. We will also analyze poetry and complete a tone/mood project.

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Mrs. Edwards' Literacy

In Literacy, we will continue reading The Running Dream. As we read, we will be working on skills such as: reading comprehension, inferencing, vocabulary, reflecting on what we have read, discussion groups, and drawing illustrations based on the story.