Welcome to Harrappa

The city of the Indus

Homes worthy for a prince

Harappan homes are like nothing you can see for 3000 B.C.E. The homes in Harappa are one or two stories high. They are made of brick and have flat roofs. Every house you can stay in is almost identical but if you want to upgrade you can get a house looking out at the breathtaking courtyard.Not only that but each home has its own private drinking well along with your own bathroom that drains out into the sewers.

Things To Do


For dinner we have warm tasty bread served with barley or rice. Our farmers grow our food. They grow peas, melons, wheat, dates, and barley. We also get fish.

Directions to Harappa

To get to Harappa from Mohenjo-Daro you must take a challenging trip. First you have to take an elephant to the Indus River. Next you must ride a boat up the Indus River to. After a 16 hour journey you will be in the amazing Harappa.