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Norfolk Junior High School

By: Austin Brady

Gaming Consoles

There are many different types of gaming consoles in the world, but the majority are Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. The Playstation 2 was the the first console to have a better graphics capability than the leading edge personal computer. The Atari Pong was the number one selling item in the holiday season of 1975.The Sega Genesis featured the same motorola processor that the original Apple Macintosh. Playstation was the first console to use DVD technology. The first video games console was the Magnavox Odyssey. The Nintendo Game Boy was the most successful handheld console with more than 100 million units sold worldwide. The 3DO was the first system based completely on CD technology. The Microsoft Xbox was the first system to completely support HDTV. The original Magnavox Odyssey could not keep score so the players had to.

Tragic Accident at Hole of Sparta

by Austin Brady

Yesterday there was a tragic accident at the hole of Sparta. Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall into the hole of Sparta. He was mistaken for a Trojan spy and was kicked off of the wall for Sparta. Afterwards authorities confirm and discovered he was not a Trojan spy. After a rescue team rescued him from the pit it was confirmed he was dead. Not even threescore of the kings men and threescore more could fix him.


It is a long, storied campaign with dragons and a Dovahkiin who must save the entire land of Skyrim from the undead, dragons, dragon priests, trolls, and evil magicians. The Dovahkiin is dragon born and he goes to all nine holds and becomes the thane by doing quests. You also do quests to earn gold to buy a house and armor and weapons. You can slay dragons and loot their body for bones and scales. You can increase armor and weapons to become stronger. You can also enchant armor and weapons and make potions.

For Get grades up.

Against a bigger break in between years. Kids can go on vacation and see their family. They

also can get jobs and lower unemployment rate.

I am against year-round schooling because kids whose parents are divorced would have to spend more time with the other parent. Kids would get homework over the breaks. They could spend more time in summer break to hang with friends and also go to the water park. Kids also wouldn't get gaming time.

trading card story

Once upon a time in a land faraway there was a planet called Mexi-Earth and on one side of the world there was a place called Lollipop Land where a woman named Tricky was surfing in the subway and licking a lollipop. On the other side of the world was a place called Mordor. The Dovahkiin lived in Mordor and played lava polo. One day tricky decide to adventure and walked in to Mordor the Dovahkiin saw her and said," I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee."

Tricky decided to leave and go back to Lollipop Land. The Dovahkiin wanted to go play lava polo in Mordor, so he did.

The End.


Finding Nemo

Marlin/Albert Brooks

Dori/Ellen De Generes

Nemo/Alexander Gould

An epic tale of a widowed father, Marlin(Albert Brooks), whose son was kidnapped after his wife and almost all of his children were killed. One child lived but was handicapped and tried to fit in during school but was peer pressured into running off and coming back quickly after touching a ending spot symbolizing the turn around point. But when he got there he was kidnapped and was forced to live with 6 others that were kidnapped. The child, Nemo (Alxeander Gould), learned what to do to help break them free and attempted breaking them out but failed. He later tried again and succeeded and they all broke free but only just in time because a killer was coming to take Nemo away and most likely kill him. Nemos father uses the help of a mentally handicapped woman, Dori (Ellen De Generes), and end up finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo is rated G and came out in 2003 and is set in the year 2012. This thrilling movie is set in modern day and deep under the sea. I enjoyed finding Nemo because I got to enjoy looking at beautiful animated fish and there was some suspense.

Finding Nemo Trailer

Survey Over Kinds of Phones

Nokia Touch Phone 12%

iPhone 5 44%

Android Razor 12%

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16%

Original Nokia 16%