Twelfth Night vs. She's the Man

By Andrew Limacher

Viola's Identity

The Identity of Viola in the movie that I see is she is determined because of the girls’ soccer team being cancelled. Also I see her as a committed athlete because of how much Viola respects the game. I believe that she is fearless because Viola had the guts to go into a different school and try to act like her brother just to make a soccer team.


The Viola in the story version I see her as determined too because of the want to survive and get a job without being discriminated against for being a girl. Viola in the story also was mentally strong because of the way she persevered through the difficulties of being a guy and really a girl. When if at the wrong time she can be killed because she lied.

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Viola's Gender

Viola's Gender in the story can be challenging because females can’t roam around the streets without a husband or she can’t get around by herself. Also because she is a female she cannot apply for a job in this time period. This is why she disguises herself a man. So she can fend for herself.


Viola's Gender in the movie affects her as a girl because there is no girls’ soccer so she wants to try-out for the boys but she cannot because she is a girl so she disguises as a dude and goes to a different school just to be able to prove herself. Also she can’t shower with the guys in the locker room. Also she can’t work out with her shirt off because she is a girl.

Viola's Perception

I believe people see Viola in the movie as a hard worker athletics wise. Also people probably see her as a little odd because she is normally a girl. As a girl people see Viola as somewhat as a tomboy.People also probably see as a bold person because her telling her boy boy friend they are done because he told her she sucks and she cant play with the guys.


As Viola in the book people probably see her as a little odd because of her female traits but she covers it up and Viola (Cesario) says she is a eunuch which is a cross between a boy and a girl. They see Viola as a person trying to survive on her own at all costs.

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Comparing Myself to Viola

In the movie Viola and I have a couple things in common for example we are both very athletic. I play baseball and cross country and she plays soccer. Something we don’t have in common is she loves soccer and I don’t like soccer. Also she is an outgoing person i am a quiet person and just sits back and watches.


In the book me and Viola again have nothing in common.But we have a few things not alike for example she is a bold a person i feel like she is because she dressed up and acted like her brother just to get a job and survive without a man i am the opposite of that i am not a out and forward person i like to just watch and go with the flow.