Water Pump & Water Tank

Old School Sears Quality Water Pump & Glass Lined Tank

Sears Quality water pump and Sears Homart Glass Lined Water Tank.

  • Does it work? I have no idea.
  • Is it heavy? Yes it is.
  • Is it worth anything? To the right person, probably.
  • I want it for free, can I have it? Anything is possible, email me and tell me why you should get it for free.

What can it be used for?

It was used to pump well water from a well here in Hayward. Not sure if it works. You can either fix it, restore it, turn it into something cool or even sell it for scrap metal.

pick up and load from my yard in Hayward, CA.

Contact Me

Reply to this ad by email with your offer and contact information. Any legitimate offers will be taken, even if its free. Let me know if you have any questions.

Contact me at galant@emmailer.com