Is Golf a Sport?

By: Dalton Mayes


  • Like other sports, golf requires physical ability
  • Playing golf on a nine hole course the distance you have to walk is between 2-2.5 miles
  • Professional players have to walk about 5 miles on their 18 hole courses
  • The average golf player burns about 721 calories from walking with their clubs on their backs which are between 30-50 pounds
  • Like other sports, there is a correlation between physical training and improved performance.


  1. Experts say golf is better matched as a game than a sport
  2. Golf is not a rigorous physical activity like an other sports
  3. Athletic experts agree that golf lacks the physical activity as a real sport would have such as running, basketball, football, or tennis
  4. Some professional golfers are old, out of shape, overweight, and have caddies that carry everything for them
  5. If you can compete in a professional sport with an broken leg, than its not a sport
  6. Golfers are not athletes

Do I agree or disagree?

I do not believe that golf is a sport because i could run for an hour while someone plays golf for an hour and i will burn almost 4 times the calories a golfer will. I do believe that you should be able to retire in a sport but, golf you can be a professional till about 70 and win multiple tournaments. If you played football or basketball when your 70 you would die from the physical contact. Me personally if you cant play your tournament in the rain then its not a sport. Football, track, tennis and soccer all play in the rain as long as its not thundering.