Mrs. Gerlach's Second Grade Class

Welcome; I'm glad you're here!

Contact Information:

5545 Belle Terre Parkway
447-1500 ext. 3311

A Letter to You:

Dear Families,

Welcome to what I hope will be a wonderful school year. My name is Penny Gerlach, and I am so excited to be working with your child. My goal is to make learning fun, to help your child meet with success, and to make school an enjoyable place.

Since you are your child’s first teacher, we will be in contact daily via the student planner. I sign the planner by drawing a face to indicate your child’s behavior each day. To keep you informed, I also write a quick note if that behavior wasn’t in keeping with our class rules. Finally, the students write a short message to let you know about their homework and whatever may be happening in the school. The planner is also your number one way to communicate information to me, so feel free to write notes in there as well. Please sign or initial the planner each day, so I know you have seen the information.

I always try to make myself available for your questions, concerns, and/or compliments. My phone number at the school is at the top of this page, and you are welcome to call

that number any time. I also try to call you from time to time. I may call to discuss a problem, but I am just as likely to call you with a positive comment.

I believe that if you and I work together as a team, we can help your child meet their goals and succeed in second grade!

Our Schedule:

8:30- 8:45 Arrival/Free Breakfast

8:45-9:00 Morning Work

9:00-9:45 Discovery Learning

9:45-11:20 Language Arts

11:20-11:50 Lunch

11:50-12:20 Recess

12:20-12:45 Review/D.E.A.R./Journals

12:45-1:30 Wheel (P.E.)

1:30- 2:30 Math

2:30-3:00 Social Studies/Science

3:05 - 3:10 Dismissal

Homework Policy:

I try to adhere to the following homework schedule:

Monday: Reading (aloud to someone)

Tuesday: Reading (aloud to someone)

Wednesday: Math

Thursday: Spelling practice

Discipline Policy:

Classroom rules:

1. Try your best and work hard!

2. Raise your hand to speak.

3. Listen when people are speaking.

4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

5. Always be respectful and kind.


1 card moved = Warning

2 cards moved = 5 minute time-out

3 cards moved = 8 minute time-out

4 cards moved = removed to a neighboring classroom

Positive Reinforcement:

Blue ticket = Quiet/Ready to work

Green ticket = Listening/Paying attention

Yellow ticket = Trying/Working hard

Pink ticket = Cooperative/Respectful

Purple ticket = Caring/Helpful to peers

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Suggested Supplies:

1. one package of wide ruled notebook paper

2. one small pack of yellow pencils

3. two folders (any type)

4. two composition books (any type)

5. one single subject, spiral bound notebook

6. two big erasers

*7. markers

*8. crayons

*9. scissors

**10. pencil box

11. colored pencils (optional)

*These items should be able to fit inside of the pencil box.

** The pencil box should be small enough to fit inside their desk, but large enough to hold the above-mentioned items.

Classroom Wish List:

Boxed/bagged snacks such as Cheese Nips, Ritz Bits, Teddy Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios, raisins, pretzels, etc.


Lysol Spray

Disinfecting wipes

Hand sanitizer