What is the 3-2-1 introduction?

Especially, 3-2-1?????

I'm Umut Irmaksever. From Bilkent. Our lecturer Laura told us to go into that site and write three things about ourselves.

Hardly, I can call myself as a little geek. Science and fantastic fictions fits to my interest very well. Seeing a created universe in letters and pages is so amazing. So if you would like to talk about any of these that makes me happy. Sorry for spoilers already.

Italy and India are countries that I make plans about. This summer I'm going to Italy if I can. Hope you can give me some information and help, Laura! And India is completely different world. If there is anybody who watched The Fall, most of these places are in India.

I think I can add Cuba as my future plan to. I decided that when I see Cubana font on leftside. Another reason is Cuba like frozen in 60s and got delicious cigars.

Unfortunately no jobs come to my mind for future. I think I will graduate and become a white-collar slave...