What is it made of?

Paper is made from wood pulp and it turns into paper.

How is it made?

Some paper is made brand-new from trees-either small trees harvested just for that purpose or from sawmill scraps left over when larger trees are made into lumber.

What is it used for?

Paper is used to make books, magazines and newspapers as well as paper money and photographic paper. It's used to make writing paper, toys, boxes, wrapping paper, glassine.

What is done with it after it has been used?

Paper is by far the largest component of solid waste in land fills. And most of this paper can be recovered and re-used for

What are some things people are trying in order to do things differently with this product?

They use it for holiday cards and all different kinds of cards like birthday cards, funny cards, happy cards, sad cards, and party cards.

What can I do to help improve this problem?

To recycle paper so paper can be used again. But some other people don't recycle paper some people do art with paper. So I think that's really cool how other people get paper and do art with paper.