Alfred Eisentaedt

The kiss on Time Square after World War Two


The thought of the war finally coming to an end was the excitement of America. Alfred wanted to express the way he felt about the war, what better way could you do it then photograph it. This photo was taken on time square in New York, it was all action. The story is a typical one, Alfred saw the couple running toward each other he was luckily enough to be in the right place at the right time. He grabbed his camera got it ready and snapped the photo right as the sailer kissed the woman in white. Others looked as they celebrated the end of the war.
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My opinion

I really like the picture, I think it's beautiful and portrays the real love that the world had when the war was over. It's a great photo of a couple being reunited and back together after the struggle of the war. I think that when the photo was taken it was nothing but a spontaneous event. Alfred just so happened to have his camera set and ready to snap the photo. I would most defiantly buy the photo and hang it in my room. It's great, I love it!