STEM Lab Grant Proposal

for Rescue Ranch

Who We Are...

Formed in 2012 on 87 acres in Statesville, North Carolina, Rescue Ranch is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit animal welfare organization. Rescue Ranch promotes humane education with hands-on learning and care for animals and the environment.

We offer classes for school field trips, preschools and daycares, homeschool students, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. We teach students how to care for animals, how animals survive in the wild, what adaptations they use, animal life cycles and characteristics, as well as humane treatment and animal welfare. With each program students get hands on encounters with our animals. We also offer stations where students can dig deeper and complete experiments to understand animals more fully.

What We Need...

We are in need of STEM kits with materials that students can manipulate as they learn about animals around the world. These kits would give students more hands on learning opportunities to enhance their understanding. We want them to use the problem solving process of ask, imagine, plan, create, test, and improve while completing the stations at Rescue Ranch.

What We Expect to Happen with the New STEM Lab...

The goal of this project is to increase the students’ knowledge and awareness of animals, their behaviors, and habitats through hands on learning. These STEM stations will strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills while allowing them to work collaboratively in small groups. Students will be more engaged in their learning and become active participants.

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