The History of Monotheism

From Abraham to Solomon


Abraham was born in 2000 BCE and his original name was Abram. 1950 BCE: gathers clan to got to Canaan. When Abraham was 100 and his wife, Sarai was 90, they had a son named Isaac. Isaac went on to create Muslimism and Abraham's other son; Jacob, created Judaism. Abraham's ultimate sacrifice was his, but he sacrificed an ox instead.


Moses was the the leader of the jews when they were all slaves to the pharaoh. Moses asked the pharoah to let his people go, when the pharaoh refused, god cursed them with ten terrible plagues such as turning the river into blood and killing every first born son. The Exodus was the pharaoh letting moses and his people go free. The egyptian armies chased after them, but moses parted the red sea, and the israelis escaped but, the egyptians drowned.


In David's time the Israelites were at war with the Philistines. The Philistines would stop the war if David could defeat their greatest warrior; Goliath. David was outraged by Goliath's mockery of god, so a single shot from a slingshot knocked Goliath out. David's reward for his bravery was becoming the king.


After David's death, his son, Solomon took over in 965 BCE. One of Solomon's greatest achievements was building the first temple in jerusalem to hold The Ark of The covenant and to serve as the center of jewish worship. King Solomon also strengthened the kingdom of Israel by making treaties with many neighboring kingdoms.