Beginning of the Year AR Checklist

AR/STAR Teacher Helper Link:

1. Administer STAR Test to Students

2. Print STAR Reading Levels

  • Print Reading Range Report in STAR
  • Print Parent Report. Highlight ZPD. Send home for signature

3. Set INDIVIDUAL Point Goal for Each Student

  • Use AR Program to set goals. See AR Teacher Helper (Recording student goals section) for directions on how to do this. The program will set the recommended goal.
  • Use your knowledge of the student and your classroom to make modifications of goal. Don't forget to SAVE.

4. Record Reading Level and Goal in Library Folder

  • Melissa Kesler has a FABULOUS system for printing reading levels on labels.
  • Consider placing this information INSIDE the folder for privacy.

5. Conference With EACH Student about Point Goal and Reading Level

  • This is IMPERATIVE! It does not have to take a long time.
  • Make sure the goal is recorded in library folder!
  • This 9 week goal should be pretty simple since we are running out of time.

6. Record Blocks in AR Program (so student can't read above/below level without permission)

  • See Teacher Helper for directions on doing this step.

7. Plan to Meet With Students On a REGULAR Basis

  • You set the schedule on this. Whatever works for you.
  • You MUST periodically check-in (once a week, maybe) on students.

8. Print Student Record in AR Once a Week

  • Print Student Record on Fridays and check on how students are doing.
  • This is your time to brag on each child, encourage each child, find out if there is a problem.
  • If students are reading short books, there is NO REASON why they shouldn't test weekly. If they are working on a chapter book, not testing each week is understandable.
  • Are students reading at the high end of their ZPD? Are they having success? If not, encourage them to check out books on the lower end.
  • Are students successful on their quizzes? If not, determine the reason and work with the child to rectify the problem.