Friday, March 13th

Extra Credit assignment and Testing Next Week

INFORM: Abnormal Psychology Cartoon DUE Today!

In this extra credit assignment, you are going to examine how mental illness is depicted in popular culture. you will

1) Cut and paste a copy of at least one cartoon that depicts a mental illness in a positive and/or humorous light. Google Images might be a great place to start. Cartoons from any of the mental illnesses you have read about are welcome.

Don't forget to

2) Include the website link where you found it,

3) Describe the nature, significance, and mental disorder associated with your cartoon. Specify symptoms and details to help illustrate your mastery of concept. and

4) Briefly discuss the ways in which it accurately or inaccurately depicts the disorder.

Have fun - be creative - and try to find cartoons that are a touch unusual!

Testing Module 12

Don't forget that the 3rd quarter is drawing to a close. Mod 12 is our last module for the grading period - and testing starts Monday!
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INSTRUCT: Dissociative Identity Disorder

One of the most infamous disorders is one called Dissociative Identity Disorder. Check out the video below, which examines the disorder, the famous case that made it part of popular culture, and the impact of the case even today.

Textbook Companion Site

The textbook companion website can be accessed from the AP Psychology class in Moodle. The website has practice tests, flashcards, chapter summaries and activities to help students understand the material.

CELEBRATE: Planning Ahead

Thank you Zack - for planning ahead - and letting me know about your school trip! Please be thinking ahead - and planning for absences from your course due to Spring Break plans. If you have not already done so, please let me know your plans - and be prepared to work ahead if you do not want to work when on break! Due dates for Mods 13 & 14 will be posted please keep a watch!