STEM Professional Development

A Presentation on a NYC class

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Join me for an exciting professional development opportunity

I will be presenting a turn key STEM opportunity on one of the hottest web 2.0 classroom applications: the web programming tool Scratch.

Join me if you want to learn how to:

  • Instruct students how to set up Scratch accounts.
  • Explain with fidelity what the disparate parts of the Scratch web interface do.
  • Manage a STEM course in Schoology (or favorite LMS).
  • Reconceptualize/recontextualize a videogame.
  • Make connections to other STEAM disciplines. Such as the Logic and Reasoning practices usually found in a typical Geometry and Algebra course.

How does this class help my students become college and career ready?

In addition to exposing students to introductory programming concepts and structures that are usually found in a first year Computer Science course, career bound students benefit from this course's reliance on inductive and deductive reasoning processes that are the cornerstones of the critical thinking skills that are necessary in the modern workplace.

The best seven hours you will spend in PD!

Don't you just hate professional development sessions that seem useful, but at the end you feel overwhelmed and have no concrete steps how to make this work in your classroom?

This session is Not one of those!

My presentation is filled with hands-on activities that will give you enough time to not only understand the material, but to create a unit of your own activities that you can begin implementing the very next day.

Learn at your own pace! Your classroom will be set up in an asynchronous manner and this PD will give you a taste of this along with some professional tips on how to make the course work with your students. From the traditional classroom to distance learning solutions. From comprehensive suburban high schools to inner-city transfer high schools, this session will support your needs.

See you there!