TELPAS Training Reminders

TELPAS Administration Training

The TELPAS CTC must train all raters and verifiers in the general TELPAS administration procedures, including confidentiality and security by February 12. Raters and verifiers must sign an oath after training and prior to handling secure materials.

For more information, see page T-16 of your District & Campus Coordinator Manual and the training powerpoint provided by your DTC.

Verifier Training

TELPAS Verifiers are responsible for verifying the contents of the student writing samples. Verifiers must complete the online training module titled Assembling and Verifying Grades 2-12 Writing Collections by Friday, February 12. The module may be viewed at the convenience of each verifier, or they can come to the Open Lab in the ITC on Friday, Feb. 11 from 3:30 - 5:30.

Upon completion of the module, the verifier should notify the TELPAS CTC and Cindy Borden to obtain the certificate of completion.

Rater Training: Online Basic Training Course

All new raters (and any rater who has not calibrated in the past three school years) are required to complete holistic rating training in the grade cluster that corresponds to the grade level of the students they will rate. The training consists of several modules that can be completed at the convenience of the rater. However, the training must be conducted individually.

Upon completion of the Online Basic Training course, the rater should notify the TELPAS CTC, who will obtain a certificate of completion from the DTC.

Rater Calibration

All new and returning raters are required to complete calibration activities in a monitored setting. TELPAS CTCs should arrange these sessions on their own campus. The calibration window opens on February 15, 2016.

Since there are only two calibration attempts allowed this year, it is important that the raters come to the calibration fully prepared. The TELPAS CTCs should provide each rater with copies of the PLDs so the raters can take notes during the calibration. Any notes taken during the session must be turned in at the end of calibration. The CTC will shred all notes.

If a rater does not calibrate successfully on the first attempt, then s/he should return during a second monitored session, after taking time to review the basic online training course and PLDs. If a rater does not calibrate successfully on the second attempt, the campus administration will assign a second rater to support the rater when assigning levels to the domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I go to complete my online training?

A: Click on the following link to complete online training. On the far right hand side, click on the button that says Sign Up. To create your account, you will need to use training2016 as the passcode.

Q: I completed my Online Basic Training/Assembling and Verifying, but I am unable to print out my certificate. What do I do?

A: Only the DTC has the ability to print certificates. The CTC will obtain the certificates from the DTC.

Q: My password for the training system from last year doesn't work. What do I do?

A: The entire training system is new this year. You will need to create a new account, using the passcode training2016. All records will be purged at the end of the training window, and in 2017 you will have to create another account.