Major chemistry discovery!

Forming stable ununoctium - never acheived before!

The discovery

Proffesor S.Kolokotus has recently discovered a stable isotope of ununoactium, the largest known atom in the periodic table of elements! Surprisingly, this was acheived by adding additional bozons, taken from the nuclei after being split in a nuclear reactor. This causes many more questions, and scientists are now returning to Einsteins string theory, the only theory explaining this incredible phenomenon.

History of ununoctium

For millenia scientists and alchemists have tried to find unique elements and discover a link between them. A few centuries ago, the link was finally discovered and the result was named the peroidic table of elements. From there more were discovered, until only recently, radioactive elements were found, including ununoctium, which deteriorates withing nanoseconds. Many proffesors have tried and failed to form a stable version, but with no success.

Contact details

Please do't actually ring the number: I made it up on the spot. The website and email also proably don't exist.