Donald Driver Foundation (National)

Donald Driver

What Donald Driver Has Done To The Commmunity

He helps stop people that are homeless. Gives to people that are homeless

Impact On The Community

It helps fight against homelessness. He donates ten scholar ships of 1,000. Help translate people from shelters to homes.

Background Information

He was born in February 2, 1975. He was a co-host of Inside the Huddle with Donald Driver. His mom couldn't pay for the house so they had to live in a UHAUL truck. He is 38 years old. His wife and him carted the Donald Driver Foundation. When he was little his dad is in jail. When he was younger he sold drugs and stole cars.
The Donald Driver Foundation

What Can I Do

This is what I can do to help my community. I can pick up garbing in my school park and in Pamprin Park to keep our world clean and garbing free. I can also raise money for the homeless shelter for people to have a home. I can also shovel my neighborhoods driveway and also mow other peoples lawns.I can raise money for M.S. I can donate blood for the blood drive and help my neighbor with her baby and babysit kids and also help my sister raise money for American Heart Association. Also donate my hair for Locks of Love and I want to donate 10 inches of my hair and also give hats to Heavenly Hats.