L.E.S. Makerspace!

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead!

Exciting News!

Lincoln Elementary School has started our very own Makerspace!

Research says that in order to thrive and succeed in today's society, we are required to demonstrate high levels of imagination, of creativity, and of innovative thinking if we are continually to invent and manage new and better services and products for the global marketplace (Trilling & Fadel, 2009).

Our hope is that our L.E.S. MakerSpace in the Library Media Center inspires students to become participatory learners to uncover their talents, needs, and interests by making, producing, solving, creating, collaborating and thinking.

What is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is "an area that provides hands-on, creative ways for students to design, experiment, and invent as they engage in science, engineering, and tinkering.” (definition from edutopia)
What is a MakerSpace?

Why a Makerspace?

The Purpose of the L.E.S. MakerSpace is to...

*Allow for students to embrace failure as a means for heading toward success

*Allow students to collaborate and learn from one another

*Foster creative thinking

*Create ways for students to ask real questions to drive their exploration

*Encourage students to pursue existing passions or seek out new passions

*Ignite excitement and a joy for learning

*Promote multiple ways to solve problems

*Allow students to practice perseverance in day to day learning

*Expose students to materials they may have never used before

*Encourage student reflection on the process of making

*Create thinkers

How will this Makerspace benefit our students at L.E.S.?

The L.E.S. Makerspace will be a space for ALL students in the school during school hours.

*Teachers are given four "Maker Passes" to use much like traditional hall passes.

*Students are allowed to use the Makerspace at their teacher's discretion.

*The Makerspace can be used as an incentive for positive behavior support.

*The Makerspace can be used as a class reward or compliment party.

*The Makerspace can be reserved for a whole class activity or instruction.
*The Makerspace will be available periodically after school hours in the 2016-2017 school year for parents and students to create together.

What is in a Makerspace?

Our Makerspace is constantly changing and at this time contains the following...


*K-nex and K-nex Gears

*Snap Circuits


*Duct Tape Craft Projects

*Laptops for Coding and Creation

*iPads for stop motion videos

*Maze Building Kits


A Touch Screen T.V. for use by students and teachers