Apps Used in the Classroom

French and Other Classroom Applications to Improve Learning


Mobl21 is a study tool for on-the-go learning. Teachers can create a content page for students to study, including many different tools such as flashcards and quizzes. For students, this tool allows learning to be done anywhere and anytime. Mobl21 focuses on the ability for students to study in places generally not conducive for studying such as the commute to school. Mobl21 is compatible with laptops, apple products, such as iPhones, Blackberries, and other android devices. This accessibility is important, in order for students to have a fair chance to participate.


Socrative is a student response tool that can be used to encourage student participation. Teachers are permitted to create exercises, games, and quizzes in which students answer using their mobile device, such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Teachers can access the results from the Socrative for evaluation and feedback for each student. Socrative can increase student participation in that they can use their mobile device to participate in class, in this respect mobile devices are not thought of as a distraction, but a benefit to class.

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Remind 101

Remind is a texting software that can be used for alerts and reminders for students in the classroom. Students and parents can receive text messages to remind them of upcoming assignments and events in class. A teacher can program the events at once and the service will send them out when the date is approaching. This service is confidential therefore there are security measures taken to keep phone numbers private. This service also prevents replies, therefore students and parents cannot respond to the messages. This creates organization and prevents students from forgetting about their homework.

Learn French Deluxe

Learn French Deluxe is an app available from the iTunes App Store for free. This app provides activities for students to practice and improve French ability. This tool has many types of activities such as hangman, matching games, and spelling tests. These activities are fun and interactive therefore promote learning. This app can be used anywhere a mobile device is available so students are not limited to learning in the classroom.

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NounStar - French Language Study

NounStar is an app available on iTunes App Store for $3.99. NounStar offers different learning activities for learning a new language. Activities include flash cards, image matching, and multiple-choice questions. This app does not require Internet connections therefore you can practice French, or whatever language, anywhere, at any time. This tool can enhance learning in the classroom because of the extra practice the app is giving you.

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Learn French with Babbel

Babel is a free French translation site that provides free practice questions for learners of any levels. Teachers would not have any impact on the exercises, however this site can provide good practice questions. Students can choose their age and their level of French to maximize practice. This tool is available online and also as an app for smartphone, tablets, and laptops.