Maze Runner Presentation

By Wyatt Shelton

General Information

Book: Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Publishing Date: October 6, 2009

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot Summary

Thomas awoke to many unfamiliar faces. Knowing only his name. He had this inner drive to find a way out of this Glade and Maze. Thomas did many heroic acts to find a way out or to fuel his inner suspicion. These heroic acts were like going into the Maze at night with the nasty Grievers to save Alby and Minho. Also, he got stung by a Griever and went through the Changing which makes you feel intense pain. Then he faces his fears and must take on a Griever on his own with a spear while Teresa types in words to a computer. In the end, Thomas is the one who saves the Gladers. After they escape they travel down a shoot to see a woman who everyone wants to smash. Gaily,a past Glader who is said to have died hurls a knife at Thomas and is blocked by Chuck who is killed by the knife. Last, people run through the door with guns blazing. They grab the Gladers and rush them to a bus where they ride to a safe house where they are fed and they go to sleep.

How the Setting Affects the Plot

In the book "Maze Runner" the setting affects the plot in many ways, and here are two. The first is almost clearly stated in the book, but I can elaborate on it. The Maze its a common puzzle of everyday life. It is there to make them think that there is a solution to the Maze. It keeps morale up that the Maze can be solved. Another way that the setting the plot is how the Maze is portrayed. The Maze is mysterious and feared this is what pushes Thomas to join Alby and Minho in the Maze for the night.


Thomas is the Protagonist. A trait I would give him is foolish. He always has these feelings to put himself in a dangerous situation. For the first example is how he has the feeling to become a runner. Runners go into the Maze and can deal with the Grievers or could possibly be stuck in the Maze for the night. Another piece of evidence I would like to represent is the idea he had to get stung by a Griever. This was a crazy idea, but was for the greater good, so it was strategic, but who want wants to be stung! Last I would like to mention the idea of going to fight the Grievers this idea is a whopper to me. Grievers have saws and all types of torture devices that will kill you. To think in this idea he wanted to sacrifice himself also. Thomas is foolish, but at the end of the day he can get the job done.


The Creators or Wicked are definitely the antagonist. They are the ones who created the Variables. The Variables are what is to give the Gladers problems. A trait for them would be deceptive. In the Maze there are plaques that say "Wicked is good." Then Teresa told Thomas that Wicked is good. Lastly, the woman the group meets in the end of the book tells them, "You're safe now. Please, be at ease." Even though one of the next things to happen Gaily-somehow alive-hurls a knife at Thomas. The knife meets Chuck Thomas' best friend.

Point Of View

It is told through the eyes of Thomas. This is important to know his feelings of the Maze and Glade. Also important to know his thoughts like his crazy ideas. It also is important to know his stress. How difficult it is for him to live in the Glade cooped up. This stress was important to know Thomas' drive to escape. Otherwise you would think he has no logic.


1. One conflict very known in the book "Maze Runner" is the idea of not knowing anything about your childhood or past life. This battle is internal and inside everyone in the Glade. People have done crazy things in the Glade to find a way to rid of this fear.

2. Another conflict is the conflict of Grievers. This is both internal and external. Internal because of fear and external because the Grievers attack them physically.

3. Next a flourishing conflict is the conflict of not knowing why they are in the Maze . This clamor is internal and is in everyone and this can be immense or small. How I know this is a conflict creates fear and made many people have feelings to kill anyone that is associated with Wicked.

The Theme

The theme for this book that is prosperous is hard work pays off. You can see this in how Thomas' efforts show this as far as helping the Gladers escape. He becomes a runner to find a way out and that is difficult because you don't stop moving until break time. Then Thomas also puts a lot of time into thinking of things that would help them escape or a way to escape. This this all adds up to them getting out. That is the pay off surviving the Maze.