Board Briefing

Cambrian School District, May 7, 2020

Future Budget Reductions and Financial Impact of COVID-19 on State Wide Economy

Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Penny Timboe and Superintendent, Dr. Carrie Andrews summarized the current fiscal factors and the fiscal challenges ahead. The Board discussed Cambrian School District's current financial status, the impact of COVID-19 and possible reductions to ensure the District remains fiscally solvent and protects high-quality classroom experiences for our students.

Ms. Timboe outlined two phases in the budget discussion: 1st phase includes adjustments necessary assuring we can meet our 3% reserve in our current budget situation, and this involves the CSD Fiscal Stability Plan.

The Fiscal Stability Plan that was approved by the Board in December of 2019 was reviewed and revised options were presented. The Board approved to move all items in the Fiscal Stability Plan from 2021-22 to put in place in 2020-21 with the modifications to #2 through #5 on page 3 of the Fiscal Stability Plan. Two modifications not approved on the Fiscal Stability Plan are as follows: Option 1 and 6 are to be brought back at a later time for further discussion.

To view the CSD Fiscal Stability Plan, please click here.

The 2nd phase addresses potential scenarios for state budget reductions as a result of the COVID-19 crisis which significantly impacts the District moving forward. Ms. Timboe presented a scenario of a zero to negative % COLA for the next three years.

To view the Multi-year projection with zero cola, please click here.

At this point, California fiscal advisors shared California schools are facing steep budget reductions. Ms. Timboe outlined a few options for moving forward in consideration of the steep declining state budget forecast:

  • TRAN: (tax revenue anticipation note) This is a funding mechanism for cash-flow purposes, a loan.
  • The District's Wells Fargo investment account can be used for short-term borrowing as we move forward.

Although the implications of budget reductions and implementing the Fiscal Stability Plan are tenuous, multi year projections are fluid and continuously revised as we get new information. CSD is continuously monitoring the overall financial picture for the District. We are adjusting to get the most accurate and clear picture of our budget situation in order to make the reductions minimal.

The District will update the community as we move forward.

To view the future budget reductions and financial impact of COVID-19 on statewide economy presentation, please click here.

To view the Multi-year projection, please click here.

To view the Multi-year projection with new information, please click here.

To view the Multi-year projection with reductions moved forward, please click here.

Biliteracy Pathway Update

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Mr. Linh Nguyen provided an update on the Cambrian School District's Biliteracy Pathway Award Program, Biliteracy Survey and next steps for Cambrian School District's Strategic Plan. This school year, three outstanding students will receive the Biliteracy Pathway Award. They are:

Tsugutaka Meyer, 5th Grade, Sartorette School

In his essay, written in Japanese, he genuinely attempted to retell and expressed his feeling about a Japanese story he read.

Kazukiyo Meyer, 8th Grade, Price Middle School

In his essay, written in Japanese, Kazukiyo wrote about using his bilingualism skills in Japanese and English to translate Japanese films and movies to English that conveys the true meaning of the story and appreciating the two cultures.

Marta Wick, Steindorf

In her essay, written in German, Marta wrote about wanting to become a multilingual travel journalist visiting different countries and cultures and telling their stories. She expressed her interest and love of cultures so passionately. It's obvious she has a global perspective and respect for diversity in our world.

Their names have been submitted to the Santa Clara County Office of Education, the agency which grants the Biliteracy Pathway Awards certificate. They will be the first group of students who will receive the CSD Biliteracy Pathway Awards. Congratulations to Tsugutka, Kazukiyo, and Marta!

The Biliteracy Survey was reviewed, and Mr. Nguyen shared about parents' great interest in the program. He also discussed the goal of a Biliteracy Pathway Task Force next school year to continue to promote the values of the program in Cambrian School District. Of course, starting any new program is contingent upon available resources.

To view the Biliteracy Pathway Update presentation, please click here.

Bond Community Survey

On March 5, 2020, the Board agreed to move forward with conducting a voter opinion survey as to the feasibility of going out for a bond in 2020. The survey has been in 'pause' mode given the shelter in place and COVID-19 implications. Dr. Tim McLarney from True North explained what has been completed to date in preparation for the survey. A revised timeline was presented. Given the significant tech and facility needs, the Board approved to move forward to survey our community as to the possibility of a Bond that would secure funding for those needs.

To view the bond community survey presentation, please click here.

To view the bond schedule as of today, please click here.

Communications Update

CSD Coordinator of Marketing, Communication and Community Engagement Dawn Foreman updated the Board of Trustees on communications within the District. Ms. Foreman shared results of the annual Communications Survey, which reflects how well the District is connecting with families She also share highlights of communications efforts this year, including:

183+ Messages to Families & Staff sent via email from the District level

522,706 views online this school year on Smores newsletter template messages

●Cambrian posted 176 posts during this school year on Facebook

●Cambrian included 5x in SCCSBA monthly newsletter

●Dr. Andrews interviewed on NBC Bay Area re: Distance Learning

●Bagby family video on NBC Bay Area news (April, 2020)

●Dr. Andrews’ Op-Ed in San Jose Spotlight (1.22.20)

●Family Code Night National EdSource publication (Feb. 2020)

●CSD featured in California Schools Magazine (May, 2020)

To view the CSD Communications presentation, please click here.

Repairs at Fammatre Health Office

The Governing Board of Trustees voted unanimously to allow for immediate repair of the Fammatre Health Office under these emergency conditions.

To view the resolution allowing for bids of the health office repairs, please click here.

To view the agreement for construction services, please click here.

Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

The Governing Board of Trustees voted to approve the declaration of need for fully-qualified educators. The commission on Teacher Credentialing Policy and Title 5 regulations require approval of the Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators in the event there is a need to issue an emergency teaching permit.

To view the declaration of need for fully qualified educators, please click here.

New Job Description: Extended Care Program Site Lead

The Board approved the new Extended Care Program Site Leads job description. In doing so the positions will allow the District to proceed with the next steps in opening the Extended Day Program in 2020-21. Please click here to read the job description for the overseer of the new program at each site.

New Job Description: Extended Care Program Activity Leader

The Board approved the new job description for Extended Care Progam Activity Leader for the before and after school Extend Care Program starting next school year, 2020-21. The new Extended Care Program Site Activity Leader will oversee the new program at each school site where the program will be held. Click here to view the job description for the Activity Leader positions.

Next Board Meeting

The Cambrian School District Board of Trustee will hold the next meeting on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. online. Login details to follow the week of the meeting.

Open Positions in Cambrian School District

Interested in working within the Cambrian School District? We have openings, in food service, buildings and grounds, noon duty supervisors, resource specialist teacher, special education instructional aide, substitute custodian, substitute teachers, substitute food service, substitute special education instructional aide, and special education program specialist. For a complete listing, click here.