ERHS College Center 2021-2022

January 2022

Happy New Year!

Welcome back students!

I hope all of you had a restful Holiday Break. Seniors, by now you have submitted various college applications and are probably starting your scholarship applications which is great. Juniors, you should start thinking about the colleges that you want to apply to, doing some research on them and potentially planning some college visits. As second semester begins and a new year is upon us, take some time to pause and think about what you're thankful for and what you wish to accomplish this new year. You all have so much to look forward to :-).

Continue on and read through the newsletter, grade level tasks are below.

All my best,

Mrs. Marquez

New Updates

1. Do you need a Counselor Letter of Recommendation? See your counselor in Person to request it.

2. NEED SCHOLARSHIPS? Scroll down to see all of the scholarships you are eligible for also check out:

3. Financial Aid- GET YOUR FAFSA DONE!

3. Create your Webgrant account, see the link down below under the Financial Aid Information.


ERHS Brag Sheet

Please complete this Senior Brag Sheet completely and carefully. The information you provide will be used to help your counselor and teachers write your letter of recommendation for colleges. Download and type into the form.

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Financial Aid Steps

Step 1: Create an FSA ID (For Student & Parent)

Note: If you have an older sibling, your parent may have created an FSA ID previously, use the same one.

Step 2: File your FAFSA for students who are citizens or permanent residents.

You can apply from your computer or download the APP to your phone:

File both FAFSA Applications:

A. 2021-2022 FAFSA (This application makes you eligible to receive federal funds during the summer before you start Freshmen year in college.

B. 2022-2023 FAFSA (This application will makes you eligible to receive federal funds to help pay Freshmen year.)

If you are undocumented and/or have no social security number you are to file a California Dream Act Application (CADAA)

Step 3: Once your FAFSA has been processed create your Webgrant Account to learn if you’re eligible for a Cal Grant

Step 4: If you’re applying to Private Colleges & Universities, check to see if they require the CSS Profile, if so file this with your parent before the deadline


2021 Annual Statewide Financial Aid Workshop

College Application Checklist

Let's do this!

☐ 1. Create your FSA ID & then file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after Oct. 1 as possible. This determines your eligibility for federal funds and many colleges & sates use the form when distributing grants, so don’t delay.

☐ 2. Create your college application calendar, add the deadlines for all of your colleges, scholarships, and financial aid applications and documents that have to be submitted.

☐ 3. Start the CSU Application, see link below. The GPA requirement is a CSU GPA of 2.5 and above and a grade of C or better in your A-G Courses.

☐ 4. If you haven’t started them yet…start your Brag Sheet, the UC Application (GPA requirement 3.0 & above) and/or Common Application. Not sure where you’re applying, see Mrs. Marquez.

☐ 5. Request your Teacher Recommendations and Counselor Recommendation from either Ms. Marquez, Ms. Mena, or Mr. Malmed in-person. Then complete the Google Form request from the button on the top of this newsletter.

☐ 6. Get started and/or finalize the writing requirements for your college applications, some include the following:

-CSU EOP Application- 5 autobiographical statements

-UC Application- 4 Personal Insight Questions (PIQ’s) of 350 words each

-Common Application- Personal Statement of 650 words

-Supplements for your other colleges & universities that you are applying to

-Scholarship Essay requirements…

☐ 7. Research scholarships. Check out the scholarship links I have listed below, there are so many organizations that are waiting for you to apply for their scholarships. You should never pay for scholarship information.

☐ 8. After your FAFSA has been processed (you will know when you receive an email from, you are to create your Webgrant Account

Application Opens October 1st- Deadline November 30th

23 CSU Campuses in California

Each application is $70

4 Application Fee Waivers are available for students that meet the income criteria

Search Degrees Here:

Application Opened August 1st- Deadline November 30th

9 UC Campuses in California

Each Application fee is $70

4 application fee waivers available for students that meet the income criteria

Application Opened August 1st- Deadlines vary for every college or university that you add to the Common Application