Bezymynyy Rab

Vitaliy Zykov

The book is fantasy, thriller and horror.

The story about five people which pick up a monster and he want ate them. But one of them prevented him.

First will be magician.

Second wilbe slave.

Other will be merry.

In this book is about from politic and war to dance and survial.

The main characters: Yaroslav, Oleg, Ayrung, Olga, Nasty, Sveta, Brims, Vittor.

My opinion

It isn't everybody's cup of tea but I recommend this book to everbody.

Writer's biography

He born in the Lipetsk 5 october 1979.

He finished lycee № 44 whith a gold medal in 1996, arrived in Lipetsk state technical university and finished it in 2001.

He defended the master's dissertation on 23 December 2004 in the Voronezh state technical university.

Member of the Union of writers of Russia.

He is married.