Bill Gates Headlines

a biography about the amazing Bill Gates

Early life

While in high school,Bill and his friend Paul started selling software to companies.In 1975 they started their own business.Their business became known as Microsoft.Their company began working on software for personal computers[PCs]

Life's work

In 1983 Bill and Microsoft released Word.This program helped people write with PCs.In 1985 Microsoft came out with Windows.This operating system made PCs easier for people to use.Bill's success made him a billionaire

bill gates on a 1billion dollar bill

bill gates was super rich

later years

Bill continued to work hard.He challenged his employees to think up bigger and better ideas.Microsoft became the worlds largest software company.While working,Bill met Melinda french.They married in 1994.
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In 2000 Bill and Melinda wanted to help others.They started the Bill and Melinda Foundation.It gives money to improve education and healthcare.In 2005 they were named Persons of the year by Time Magazine