Human Population Reaches 10 Billion

What Will Happen? By: Megan Southwick

The Big Picture

What is Earth's carrying capacity of human population? Earth's carrying capacity is determined by the choices we as humans make and natural constraints. If the human population reached 10 billion, humans would need to expand their living quarters into the unknown deserts, arctics, and rainforests. Scientists and Environmental Specialists would need to figure out a way to have humans be able to live in these areas safely. Humans trying to live in areas where other wildlife live (such as the Amazon rainforest) could result in fatalities because a lot of deadly diseases originate in animals. Because of this need for space, other species would be affected. Rainforests would need to be deforested in order for humans to have the space needed. The streets of cities and towns would be majorly over packed and filled will trash. The sanitation levels would decrease as well. Scientists have recorded an increasing rate of infectious diseases caused by new viruses and bacteria, which has happened alongside population rise. Higher numbers of people clustered into small areas make a virus more transmittable, causing outbreaks. There would not be many jobs available, causing many people to become homeless. The world would not be a fun place to live if the human population reached 10 billion.

Resources & Climate

All of those people would mean many more mouths to feed, more strain on water supplies, and a lot more trash and waste to put somewhere. If and when the population reaches 10 billion, food and water shortages won't be so unimaginable anymore. Providing clean water to certain parts of the world is already a challenge. On some continents, food and water supply is already a major issue. Every resource essential to population growth and advances would slowly disappear. Green house emissions would rise to an all time high, which increases the risk of climate change. The increase in monsoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons all around the globe have already affected many ecosystems and environments. These life threatening storms could potentially occur more frequently if the population was to reach 10 billion. Global Warming would become a bigger problem than it already is, and arctic poles could run the risk of disappearing forever. The world is heading towards a warmer and harsher climate.
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The Effect on Animals

Scientists are worried about what the animal population would look like if the human population reaches 10 billion. Population growth in humans leads to wildlife habitat destruction.The climate change would also put a lot of stress on many different ecosystems. Ecosystems will drastically change due to major climate change, disease, and human disturbance. Some species will go extinct. Food webs will not be complete anymore due to extinction of species causing some animal populations to get out of control.